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A University Project

StudentLife idea was conceived while Yiannis was working on his thesis at Nottingham University. “StudentLife: a platform that will enhance student life by offering valuable services to students”.

July 2012

Testing StudentLife Idea

StudentLife was launched in the corner of eSelis Copy Center in order to test the idea of selling and renting textbooks. Well, it was fun but not that spacious.

September 2012

Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition & UCLAN Business Idea

During summer 2013 StudentLife was awarded as one of the most innovative business ideas at Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition & UCLAN Business Idea.

July 2013

Launching SpotLight

On March 2014 we launched SpotLight, a portal for student life in Cyprus with fun articles, uni life stuff, awesome events and many more.

March 2014

Business Angel Investment

In June 2014 StudentLife came into an agreement with business angels from CYBAN (Cyprus Business Angels Network) who believed in our mission and invested in StudentLife.

June 2014

Launching Flattii

Flattii was launched in July 2014 to help students find the best flats near Unis & Colleges tailored to their needs.

July 2014

Launching Uniplex Stores

In September 2014 Uniplex stores in Aglatzia & Egkomi opened their doors to offer stationery, books and printing services to students. Friendly customer service is what we do!

September 2014

Launching Jobs

Another cool service we launched in October 2015 is Jobs. Jobs lists suitable job options for inexperienced students and graduates.The platform is the ideal link between university and step one of a student career.

October 2015

Enhancing StudentLife

After 4 years of operating two bookstores we decided it was the right time to sell our book operations and focus on what could bring more value to our community. Specifically, 2017 will be more about the entertainment and career development of students and recent graduates.


Developing StudentLife Academy

StudentLife Academy has become a power house of digital marketeers. More than 100 students took part in the Digital Marketing and Business Course of StudentLife Academy.



StudentLife Trends was rebranded to aiming to enhance the Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty industry of Cyprus. Together with the new branding, Trends organised for the first time in Cyprus the Influencer Awards 2018.


Our Services


The platform attracts more than 100.000 people aged 16-34 every month and more than 500.000 engagements on social media, through StudentLife, StudentLife Trends & StudentLife Sports.

The most important aspect of the platform is that it offers the opportunity to more than 100 students every year to complete their internships and gain valuable experience in the publishing industry.



StudentLife offers a robust portfolio of marketing services that include insights, on-campus promotions and digital campaigns, which enable brands to truly connect with today's youth.

StudentLife is currently working with the biggest brands of on the island, such as Cyta, Mtn, Cablenet, Primetel, Hellenic Bank, Bank of Cyprus, Dominos Pizza, TGI Fridays, Taco Bell, Public, Bionic, Stephanis and more.



Being a team of young people and working in the youth market since 2012, we have come across with the biggest problem that our recent graduates face; lack of real experience and unemployment.

StudentLife Academy was launched in 2016 to solve this problem and bridge the gap between Universities and the job market. With programs that combine practical experience and intensive coaching, the academy prepares graduates for the job market and guarantees them a job position.


StudentLife for Good

We work with students, Universities, charities and responsible organizations to produce value in our community.
StudentLife Awards

StudentLife Awards

Every year we organize StudentLife Awards. An activity that aims to reward students that spend time on extracurricular activities and understand that being a student is not only about studying.

StudentLife Awards

Co-organize Christmas Bake Sale

StudentLife in collaboration with University of Nicosia organized a Christmas Bake sale in December 2015. All the proceeds were donated to the Student Support/Welfare Fund of the University.

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Christmas Bake Sale

Book Bazar 2015

During 2015 StudentLife organized a book bazar that included textbooks at discounted prices, all sold at the price of €10. €1 from every book sale is given to students with financial problems to help them buy their own books.

Support Recyward

Recyward is a project that was developed and operated by University of Cyprus students. The aim of this project is to communicate the need of recycling through rewarding students based on their recycling activity. StudentLife support Recyward by offering vouchers to students that recycle through Recyward.

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Unity in Diversity November 2014

November 17 is the official International Students’ Day and StudentLife with the support of Cyprus Youth Council organized a campaign to promote the multiculturalism in the Universities of Cyprus.With the sloganUnity in Diversity StudentLife team visited Universities to inform students about the purpose of the campaign and invited them to be photographed with the sign of the campaign.

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Charity Mini Football Tournament

StudentLife took part in a charity mini football tournament for the financial support of Anamemoni. We did pretty good as our team reached the semi-finals.

Book Bazar all Around Cyprus

In the summer of 2013 StudentLife organized its first social responsibility activity. The team went around Cyprus to sell books and collect money for the support of Social Supermarkets. Great experience with awesome results.

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Our Team


Yiannis Hadjiconstantouras

Πρωινό ξύπνημα με τα παιδιά μου. Priceless!

Savvas Socratous

Life is simple. It’s just not easy.

Andreas Louca
Bus Dev Director

Η καλή μέρα από τον καφέ φαίνεται. Enjoy your student life years.

Andreas Hadjiconstantouras
HR Director

With less hair, I have fewer problems.

Tasos Constantinou
Head of Academy

Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting!

Costas Charalambous
Head of Media & Marketing

Η ζωή είναι ένα άθλημα. Εξασκήσου καλά για να μην αναγκαστείς να τα παρατήσεις γρήγορα.

Constantinos Tsiartas
Head of Client Services

Καθόρισε τη ζωή σου -όχι αυτή εσένα. Τίποτα δεν είναι ακατόρθωτο αν το αγαπάς και το πιστεύεις.

Evie Economidou
Head of Media

Smile. It's contagious!

Christina Argyrou
Trends Chief Editor

Η πιο δυνατή "Καλημέρα με λιακάδα!" του StudentLife!

Andreas Haris
Head of StudentLife TV

Good things come to those who wait. But better things come to those who work for it!

Andri Elia

Try, Fail, Get up, Coffee, Try Harder, Fail, Get Up, Repeat

Polis Ioannou
StudentLife Academy Coach

Don't stop when you're tired. STOP when you are DONE!

Evaggelia Aristodemou
Graphic Designer

I never change, I simply become more myself.

Marios Gregoriou
Digital Marketeer

All Day Dreamer, Coffee Lover, Perfume Junkie, Life Admirer, Fashion Passionate

Panayiota Prokopi
Trends Account Executive

Μότο ζωής - Μην σταματάς να χαμογελάς, κάνει τους άλλους να ανησυχούν!

Vassos Kyriacou
StudentLife Content Creator

Be kind to yourself and others!

Styliana Josephakis
Trends Content Creator

Team Activities

Let’s play
Last November, our team got together for a football match. Well, we have to say that we looked more like football veterans than football players.
TedxUnic 2016
StudentLife team @ TEDxUnic 2016. The future is...
SL 101
On December 2015 we had our annual meetup to discuss 2015 review and to enjoy some burgers and beers!
Happy Birthdays
Our team gathers up and celebrates the birthday of team members.
Do we have the best runners, or what?
Let’s Bowl
Knocking them down, one pin at a time!
Our Christmas Party
Food, drinks, music, crazy gifts and a birthday surprise.

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